Pollution, Place, and The People in Birmingham: Joining poetry to environmental activism.


Join us this as 100 Thousand Poets for Change: Birmingham and Scalawag Magazine present: Pollution, Place, & The People, a community response to issues of environmental justice affecting Birmingham!

We all know that keeping our communities, healthy, clean, and safe begins with a pollution-free environment, but it doesn't end there. We carry environmental trauma not only in the soil, air, and water but also in our bodies and memories. What's happened in the last decade to address these issues? Who's working with who? How can you get involved? Birmingham deserves solutions! Come down to DISCO on September 28 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and support local organizations, journalists, and artists, as we tackle this issue through art, media, and action.

The day's events include:

  • Poetry readings from 12 local poets

  • Interactive Presentation by GASP

  • Panel discussion with local artists, activists, reporters, and professionals

  • Food and Drinks

Featured poets include:

  • Salaam Green

  • Ashley Hulsey Coutch

  • Jim Mersmann

  • Roman Johnson

  • Alina Stefanescu

  • Ashley Jones

  • Alysia Harris

  • Lori Lasseter Hamilton

  • Nabila Lovelace

  • Che Hatter

  • Laura Secord

  • Maria Vargas

So come out Saturday, September 28, and be inspired, informed, and empowered to continue the fight for a healthy Birmingham!

This event is an exciting collaboration supported by both global and local media and arts organizations. We are so grateful for additional sponsorship from PEN America and Magic City Poetry Festival. 

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Alina Stefanescu